Career Assessment

Career Assessment Services

Are you looking for a path that is satisfying and fulfilling but cannot pin-point what truly interest you?

Does the thought of university, a career or interviewing for a job terrify you?

At KMT Learning we understand that sometimes the best plans do not always work out and we need some assistance and direction to figure out what may work best for our personality and strengths.

Our program provides a perfect balance of assessment and coaching.  We work with each individual, one-on-one to learn together how their personality, interests and skills can direct them into an area that they find enjoyable.

We prepare you to manage program requirements, course selection, challenging discussions, promotion consideration and interview techniques.

KMT program:

  • Change how you see yourself
  • Learn about what your personality says about you
  • Learn how to focus on your strengths rather than your difficulties
  • Identify what might be the right program, course, or career for you
  • Envision what career path that is best suited to your abilities
  • Discuss accommodations you might need to succeed in life and a career

Our instructors are some of the best in their field and their comprehensive background, combined with experience and knowledge will guide you through to find the results needed to be successful.

These sessions will provide you with the tools which will help you to find your direction, to focus on your outcome and discover for yourself what has been holding you back from achieving your life’s goals, dreams and desires.

Book an appointment at 905 829 4378 or e-mail

Sessions are purchased in 5 hour intervals.  Initial assessment is required.