Leadership Training
KMT The Learning Group custom designs workshops for managers and teams who are committed to building a cohesive and supportive working environment. Topics include:

  • Leading with Authenticity
  • Building Leadership Resilience
  • The Mind–Body Connection
  • Respecting and valuing opinions in an open-positive manner
  • How to build confidence and provide constructive feedback for career growth

Career & Life Skills Coaching
KMT The Learning Group works one-on-one with individuals to help maximize personal productivity and achieve life and professional goals. Structured for each unique situation, our coaching and life skills programs cover key developmental areas, such as:

  • Career Counselling – identifying your areas of expertise
  • Finding and keeping the right career for your aptitudes and abilities
  • Crafting your resume
  • Strategies for long term success
  • Applying for another position within your organization: Is it your time to apply?
  • Discovering your unique assets
  • Building self confidence
  • How to ask for a promotion and get it!
  • Job development services

Management Consulting
KMT The Learning Group works collaboratively with organizations to help them meet their strategic and operational goals. Our customized training and workshops offer participants immediately applicable skills and strategies to enhance their professional standing and benefit the organization as a whole.

  • Customized training to facilitate organizational re-structuring or transition.
  • Customized workshops to identify specific personality traits and how each personality can contribute to achieving the organizational vision.
  • How Interactive Whiteboard technology will enhance participation within your organization.