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We provide therapeutic services in Oakville, Ajax and Maple, Ontario.  Our philosophy is HEALTHY MIND- HEALTHY BODY. Our trained masters therapist have over 15 years of direct service to our clients.

As professionals, we want our clients to feel healthy, successful and empowered.  We want them to grow, to acquire new skills, strategies and knowledge, to discover that they have the tools to unleash their unique gifts, strengths and talents, and can cope with many of life’s unexpected challenges.  However, resilience and empowerment does not always proceed in an easy and untethered manner without some professional support.  Everyone goes through setbacks, stages of conflicts, (internally and externally) and may require concrete advice and solutions in order to cope with life’s transitions.  For example, individual’s develop, grow and change, family’s change (a learning disability diagnosis, a separation or divorce), trauma, loss,  mental health challenges, career stressers, academic expectations, substance abuse, and physical and emotional concerns can alter the life cycle.  By actively listening and understanding an individual’s experience and how they cope, is fundamental to beginning the process of healing and connecting to inner strengths and resiliency to work through life’s unscripted challenges.

We are an eclectic  group of qualified and licensed social workers, educators, psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and business leaders with many years of experience working with children, youths, adults, couples, families, businesses and groups.  We are an Ontario-based therapy, counselling and learning center. We counsel, training and consult to deliver original and informative products and services around areas of mental health, addictions, mindfullness and learning throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  We diagnose and work collaborative with our clients to build customize interventions specifically geared to the individual coping style, learning style and functional needs.  We address issues relating to mental health, addictions, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), behavioural, emotional, vocational and academic concerns, mood and depression. Also, individual, family therapy and marriage (couples) counselling.  Parenting Support groups are still available.

We also specialize in leading edge conferences, workshops, one-on-one psychotherapy, coaching, seminars and advanced technology training to individuals, corporations and the educational sector. We work collaboratively with children, adolescents and their parents from age 4 to adulthood and based on a thorough evaluation a comprehensive report and recommendation will be made to address the areas of concerns.

We also believe that technology can play a huge part in academic and professional development, enhancing productivity and performance, and increasing capacity to learn. We will help you make educated technology decisions, traditional, advance and application software that meet your specific needs or enhance the presentation of core business and curriculum concepts. The desired outcome is that every individual benefits from this differentiated manner of instruction.

Our team of consultants are experts in their respective fields: educators, social workers, facilitators, career counselors, life coaches, physicians and psychologists, all with varied specializations.

Many of our consultants come from counseling, coaching, teaching, tutoring, business training, public, academic, and not-for-profit backgrounds.  Our offices are located in Oakville, Maple and Ajax ON .  All locations are easily accessible from Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton and Dundas, Vaughan, Pickering ON.  Feel free to contact our office by phone @ 416 356 1157  or by e-mail @

Working together, our goal is to establish an enjoyment of lifelong brain health and learning,  achieve long term success for children, youths and adults.
Karen Thornton