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Over the last three years KMT entered a journey of rediscovery and humility. Along the way we gathered materials and resources to provide you with innovative, informative and, hopefully, thought- provoking content. Content that will lead us to the next level of growth, acceptance, discipline and self-discovery of who we are and what we want to say. And this time we have a unique opportunity to do it together.

We started working on “what’s our passion” – what we do and why we are so concerned about the level of education and leadership every individual has access to.  Why are so many individuals finding it so difficult to find employment when our test scores and high school graduates are at their peak?  There is so much we need to explore together and I cannot wait to hear your views and opinions about where we are in education and leadership.  Is everyone really being served or heard, in the classroom, at their jobs?  Have we supported the student/child who came home with a ‘C’ or the worker who did not get that promotion?

I’ve picked up a few tricks and strategies during my years working in both the education and corporate arenas. I’m enthusiastic to share my insights with you, to address from my perspective how we can support the student and the worker who is trying to locate their enlightenment.   Let’s begin.

Were you aware that individuals with learning disabilities use more technology than individuals with physical and visual disability, according to a 2006 Statistic Canada report on assistive technology?  With the increase of technology, the iPad, smart phones and SmartBoards, I can be convinced that that number has increased. What do you think?

RIM’s stock may not be worth as much now as in 2006, but their contribution to accessibility for those who communicate differently is undisputed, giving many an outlet to share ideas without judgement.  Who knew that so many of us just wanted to communicate our way? Who knew that so many wanted to respond their way? Technology has allowed us to do just that. So, why do many students who get laptops and such expensive software in elementary and high school refuse to use it? Could it be because someone didn’t get the memo that fifty percent (50 %) of our population use or have access to some form of technological support?  Yes, you with the Spell Checker, that’s technological support. Yes, you with the calculator, that is technological support. Yes, you with the highlighters, that’s support.

Let’s celebrate our differences and let’s make it better for all of us who at some point in our lives did it differently. Let’s communicate!

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